6 Must Have Cigar Accessories

Top Cigar Accessories

If you or someone you know is a lover of fine cigars, there are several accessories and other items that are must have items to make the most of the cigar smoking experience. You can buy most cigar accessories online for fairly reasonable prices, which is great for those who are just starting out with fine cigars. If you find that you truly enjoy a great cigar, investing in higher quality accessories can really enhance your smoking experience. Here are just a few accessories that every fine cigar smoker really needs, whether they are old hands or beginners.

  1. Humidor – A good humidor is absolutely necessary for storing and protecting your cigars. A humidor is a box with an internal humidification unit that will keep your cigars at the ideal humidity level to help them last indefinitely. Humidors are also used to age cigars to allow for better flavor and a real quality experience. A fine cigar will only improve with age when kept in a well-maintained humidor, and even an inexpensive cigar can have the flavor improved by time in this special box. Humidors are even available in smaller travel sizes for when you want to take a few cigars with you in a trip or vacation.
  2. Cigar Cutters – Cigars need to have the head cut before they can be smoked, so keeping a good quality cutter on hand is essential to the smoking experience. A great cigar cutter will allow you to cut the exact amount that you need for the perfect smoking experience. Look for cutters with durable sharp blades so that the end of the cigar isn’t crushed as its cut.
  3. Lighters – For any smoker, a good lighter is something to be treasured. Something like a XiKAR lighter is long lasting, re-fillable, and designed to light your cigar perfectly every time. Keep a lookout for lighters with a good strong, consistent flame for an even light every time.
  4. Holders and clips – Smoking a good cigar takes time, that’s why it’s always handy to have clip that will hold your cigar for you so that it continues to burn evenly. Similarly, a cigar stub holder will allow you to continue to smoke your cigar without burning your fingers as it burns down to the stub. A great cigar stub holder is a truly handy accessory for the smoker of fine cigars.
  5. Cigar Cases – Cases are an attractive way to protect your cigars while traveling or for when you don’t require the long term protection hat a humidor provides. Many cases are designed with special slots for holding your various smoking accessories as well, making them a very handy gift for any frequent cigar smoker.
  6. Ashtrays – While one doesn’t always think of an ashtray as an important accessory, when you smoke cigars it’s important to have a quality piece that provides a good resting place for the cigar. Cigar ashtrays tend to come equipped with holders specially designed for cigars.

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