How Does Your Cigar Get Its Flavor

Have you ever wondered what gives a cigar its flavor? Cigars have inflections and notes that play on your tongue similar to how a fine wine lingers on your taste buds. While it is ill-advised to ever overanalyze a good cigar, understanding the basics of how tobacco gets its flavor may help you choose the right cigar to match your tastes the next time you buy cigars online

The tobacco used to flavor cigars grows in various strains. Not only does the type of strain your cigar’s tobacco is made from affect the taste, but so do the regions where the strain is grown and the location on the plant where the tobacco leaves grow. Some strains are naturally spicy, while another strain may be sweeter. Think of it in terms of vegetables; some peppers are sweet, others provide a bit of a kick. It all depends on the growing variables. There are many varieties of tobacco. This article will provide information for the more popular tobacco types that flavor the majority of cigars.

Be honest. When you hear the word cigar, especially if you are a novice cigar smoker, you probably automatically think of the Cuban cigar. There are two types of Cuban tobacco: Corojo and Criollo. Both of these strains are quite diverse. Their flavor can fluctuate from silky and buttery to full bodied and fiery depending on the region of the country where they are grown. The Corojo strain is one of the most sought after leaves and is found in premium cigars around the world.

Indonesia is no stranger to tobacco production. It is in this region of the world where Maduro tobacco is grown. This type of tobacco is grown mainly to be used as the dark or medium brown wrapper on a cigar. Depending on the hybrid of the plant, the leaves may be picked immediately or left on the stalk until just before the end of the growing season to achieve the desired shade of brown.

Where the tobacco leaves grow and are harvested on the tobacco stalk matters a great deal, too, regardless of the plant’s variety. Each tobacco plant has three leaf types:

  • Ligero – Harvested from the top of the plant and used to strengthen the flavor of the cigar.
  • Seco - Gathered from the middle of the plant and contribute to the aroma of the cigar.
  • Volado - Picked from the bottom section of the plant, these leaves do not flavor a cigar, but have excellent burning qualities that the ligero and seco leaves do not possess. 

By blending the best qualities of the various leaves, cigar manufactures are able to create a wide array of blends that are pleasing and tasteful for all smoking preferences.

No matter what blend of cigar you choose, you will want to take care of your investment in order to preserve the flavor and enjoyment. A quality humidor maintains a constant humidity level to prevent your cigars from being affected by their surroundings.  Finding the best cigar humidors can take a bit of time and commitment to research, but the effort is well-worth the rewards of smoking a well-preserved premium cigar.

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