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Best Cigar Lighters

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You smoke cigars because you’re a man of taste, a man with a sense of style and discernment. For you, nothing would seem more out of place than lighting a fine Havana with a cheap Bic. The Chic’ has everything you need to enjoy a fine cigar the way it should be enjoyed…and that starts from the moment you light up with the best cigar lighters.

You’ll find a wide variety of the best cigar lighters at The Chic’. In addition to being sold individually, often cigar lighter with cutter packages are offered free with the purchase of select humidors and cigar caddies.

When choosing the best cigar lighters, don’t forget that how you light up is a reflection of who you are. Your lighter says something about you. Are you bold and brash? Do you like to live life on the wild side? Consider one of the Ed Hardy series of lighters. Do you appreciate fine engineering at its best? Our Bugatti lighters are manufactured in Switzerland of the finest materials using the latest technology.

From our stylish XiKAR line to simple yet always dependable Zippo cigar lighters, we have the right lighter for every cigar aficionado. Take your time and browse our complete selection of cigar lighters, including table top cigar lighters and cigar lighter with cutter (offered as a free gift with many products and packages). The best cigar lighters are the ones which best reflect you.

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