Understanding the Cigar Making Process

When you buy cigars online do you consider the amount of work that went into making the product? If you answered no, there is no shame in that reply. The truth is that many cigar smokers don’t fully understand the cigar making process that allows them appreciate the product they are enjoying. This is especially true for consumers who take advantage of online cigar deals and do not have the opportunity of standing inside a cigar shop watching a roller do his job. Here is a brief explanation of how your cigar was made from start to finish.

Premium cigars are a handmade blend of several tobacco leaves. Each tobacco plant has three leaves: ligero, seco and volado. Each of these leaves contributes to the texture, taste and filler of your cigar. When it comes to cigar making, the process begins with picking the leaves. A tobacco plant usually consists of about 17 leaves. These leaves are picked one or two at a time and only when perfectly matured. Knowing when a plant has reached maturity and the leaves can be harvested is tricky. It is a true art form, requiring training and experience. The outcome of the final product, your cigar, begins from this point.

After the leaves are picked, they are dried to rid them of any moisture. The leaves will slowly turn from green to yellow to brown during the drying process. Once the leaves are fully dried, the fermentation process begins. This process release any impurities the leaves may still contain. Fermentation is necessary to produce a pure product.

After the leaves are fermented, the aging process begins. The fermented leaves are moved to an area of the curing house and will be aged between two and three years. During this time all temperature and humidity are naturally regulated using windows and vents. This process is what gives cigars their smoothness.

When it is time to roll a cigar, a handful of leaves are chosen for the filler and formed into the cigar shape. A binder leaf is wrapped around the filler to hold the tobaccos in place. At this time the cigars are partly finished and pressed into a wooden form. The form is rolled with enough pressure to sufficiently roll the cigars into exact shapes. Next, the wrapper leaf is delicately and expertly applied. A hand cutter designed for leaves and all-natural tree sap is used as glue. The cigar is examined for any imperfection before being sent to the aging process.

While premium cigars can age for many, many years, it is common practice to age cigars for about three months. The longer a cigar is aged the better it tastes.  The aging room for packaged cigars is temperature and humidity controlled.

After a cigar is aged, it is boxed and sent on its journey to your local cigar store or cigar shop online. However, that journey is nothing compared to the labor intensive journey of creating a fine, handmade cigar. Cigar making is an art form that should not only be appreciated for its final product, but the painstakingly and precise detail that does into forming the perfect cigar. When you appreciate your cigar appreciate the people who made it possible, too.

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