Buying Cigar Humidors

best cigar humidors

Best Cigar Humidors

As a cigar smoker, you know the importance of finding top cigar humidors to allow your cigars to age properly, as well as protect them from tobacco beetles and drying out. At Vintage Chic’ Cigar, you can buy cigar humidors from some of the best humidor manufacturers around, such as Quality Importers and Lotus. Vintage Chic’ Cigar is proud to offer the best cigar humidors at competitive prices you won’t find elsewhere on the net.

Quality Importers

Although Quality Importers Trading Co. is a young company, they’ve rapidly become a popular choice for the cigar aficionado looking for style and substance at a fair price. Vintage Chic’ Cigar sells three desktop humidors from Quality Importers which hold up to 100 cigars each. These are top cigar humidors which feature only the finest wood inlays along with a gold-plated lock and key to keep your cigars safe from younger hands.

In addition to the larger desktop humidors, Quality Importers also features a humidor starter kit, lined with Spanish cedar which holds anywhere from 25-50 cigars, as well as a travel humidor which can hold up to 5 cigars. These are some of the best cigar humidors around and are great for the veteran cigar smoker or one who’s just starting out.


One of the best ways to buy cigar humidors is in a gift set. Vintage Chic’ Cigar offers four different Lotus humidor gift sets, each complete with a Lotus lighter and a travel case. You can find some of the best cigar humidors which hold 25 or 50 cigars. Every Lotus lighter included has an integrated 8mm cigar punch, perfect for traveling. These top cigar humidors are lined with Spanish cedar to create the perfect humidified environment.

Tips to Buy Cigar Humidors

There are certain elements which make up the best cigar humidors. Ideally, the temperature in a humidor should be below 75°F and should not be above 75% humidity. Humidors with higher than 75% humidity create an environment conducive to the hatching of tobacco beetles. In addition, top cigar humidors tend to use Spanish cedar in the interior for its high moisture content and its ability to repel tobacco beetles.

At Vintage Chic’ Cigar we proudly stand behind all of our humidors and related accessories. Visit Vintage Chic’ Cigar for all of your cigar needs, including cutters, punchers and travel cases.

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