Cigar Accessories Online

Buy Cigar Accessories Online.

Buy Cigar Accessories Online.

As an avid cigar smoker, you know to really enjoy your pastime you need certain accessories and extras to complement your fine cigars. At Vintage Chic’ Cigar you can buy cigar accessories online from the comfort of your own home. With cigar accessories online you can shop any time, day or night, to find the perfect addition to your cigar collection. If you’re just starting out on cigars and you’d like to purchase cigar accessories online, here are some must-haves:

Cigar Travel Cases

These leather cases have individual compartments for each cigar, and most hold up to three single cigars. Travel cases are perfect for short trips where a humidor won’t be required, and if you want to buy cigar accessories online travel cases are a great place to start.

Cigar Cutters

When you decide to purchase cigar accessories online, you might start with a cigar cutter. Two common types of cigar cutters include the straight cutter and the wedge, or v-cutter. At Vintage Chic’ Cigar we have cigar cutters from some of the most popular companies, such as Cuban Crafters, Palio and Lotus. When you buy cigar accessories online from Vintage Chic’ Cigar, many of our cigar cutters come with a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about damaging your product.


Humidors are one of the most popular options when looking for cigar accessories online. You can find a much bigger selection at The Chic’ than you’d find in your local cigar shop, and it gives you a chance to shop around for the best possible deal. Vintage Chic’ Cigar offers humidors from some of the top companies to help you store your cigars at the proper temperature and humidity level. Buying a humidor is the perfect item to start with when you purchase cigar accessories online.

Odor-Eliminating Candles

If you live in a household where others don’t smoke, or simply don’t care for the lingering smell, odor-eliminating candles are a smart investment. Unlike regular candles which simply mask odor, odor-eliminating candles actually destroy odor causing molecules, leaving you with a fresh smelling room at all times. When you buy cigar accessories online from Vintage Chic’ Cigar, don’t forget to pick up a few odor-eliminating candles.

Vintage Chic’ Cigar is the premier place for cigar accessories online. If you’re looking to easily purchase cigar accessories, Vintage Chic’ Cigar is your one-stop shop for everything cigar related.

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