Cigar Bars Offer Smokers Camaraderie and Atmosphere

There are a vast amount of reasons why people smoke cigars, but one of the most common reasons people smoke is that it brings friends and family together. Cigar smoking does not discriminate. It merges people from all social, economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. Unlike drinking, cigar smoking is not about being loud. It is about reflecting and relaxing together, enjoying the company of friends and family who appreciate premium cigars.

While smoking a cigar alone can be an enjoyable experience, it is even more enjoyable when one can do it as part a social experience. The camaraderie of smoking is a time-honored tradition that has brought together enemies, formed alliances and created life-long friendships. However, many solitary smokers are actually unsociable not by choice, but because they don’t know where they can find other smokers like themselves. Cigar bars are the perfect solution to this dilemma, especially for smokers who live in a household where their significant other or the landlord forbids cigar smoking.

Cigar bars are becoming popular destinations for cigar smokers for a variety of reasons. One, due to the increasing number of restaurants and bars that are banning smoking, finding an establishment to partake in this pastime can be difficult. Two, cigar smokers are a unique breed of smoker who crave not just the sweetness of a cigar, but the nostalgia and camaraderie of smoking. Many newbie cigar smokers may feel intimidated by these clubs. The clandestine effects of these establishments make it feel like a secret society where you must know the secret password to gain admittance. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While all cigar bars have their admittance rules, overall, cigar smokers are friendly, welcoming people who want to create friendships with others who understand and appreciate the value of a good stogie. 

Aside from a shared interest and atmosphere, cigar bars provide first-rate products. Many of today’s smokers purchase the majority of their cigar accessories online. Everyone leads busy lives and having 24/7 access to the best cigar deals is expected. While cigar bars do not stay open all-night long, the advantage of visiting one and purchasing a product from their extensive collection is the personal touch. It also goes back to the brotherhood and sisterhood of smoking.

Cigar bars also offer the smoker a safe, judgment-free retreat to relax, engage and socialize. Smoking bans, anti-smoking messages, silent, and not so silent, discrimination against smokers seems to be the norm. These bars and clubs provide a safe haven for the discriminated smoker a safe haven to enjoy premium cigars while discussing politics, last night’s hockey game or even just to sit back, relax and absorb the aroma and atmosphere.

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