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Cigar Humidors

Protect Your Fine Cigars with Quality Cigar Humidors

If you’ve been enjoying cigars for any period of time, you already know that the humidor makes a world of difference, keeping your favorite cigars at an ideal level of moisture while allowing them to properly age for that just right cigar smoke. And yet, all too many cigar lovers don’t have one of their own. Cigar humidors for sale are often expensive, and a good one can be something of an heirloom, often passed down through multiple generations.

If you purchase cigar humidors online, buy them from a company with a true passion for cigars. The Chic’ offers the best cigar humidors online at reasonable prices.

When browsing through cigar humidors for sale, know what you’re looking for. A humidor can be made of practically any nonporous and durable material, but the best humidors are lined on the inside with Spanish cedar veneer. Spanish cedar not only facilitates the process of keeping the humidity level, but also lends a hint of flavor to the cigars stores in the humidor. Another important, though often unmentioned advantage to a humidor with Spanish cedar is that it helps repel tobacco beetles.

While tobacco beetle infestations are not as common as they once were due to better pest control techniques in places where tobacco is grown and stored and cigars are manufactured, they do still present a real threat to your cigars if the cigars aren’t stored properly. While we hope it never happens to you, it is a real possibility.

To ensure that your cigars are left alone by tobacco beetles, get a cigar humidor for sale, preferably one which is lined with Spanish cedar, and keep your humidor below 75% relative humidity. Ideally, you should also keep the cigar humidor’s temperature below 68 degrees.

Cigar humidors for sale make a great gift for any cigar lover, from the true aficionado to those who are just starting to smoke fine cigars. Now, you can get the best cigar humidors online, from manufacturers such as Cuban Crafters, Lotus, and Quality Importers. Best of all, you can order them from the online cigar shop you can trust, Vintage Chic’ Cigar, LLC.

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