Colibri Slide Double Flame Cigar Lighter Brushed Chrome Black

  • $59.00

  • Colibri Slide Double Flame Cigar Lighter Brushed Chrome Black

Slide Double Flame Cigar Lighter

The Colibri Slide is the company's latest innovation featuring a truly pioneering single--action "push up" ignition system. Taking advantage of the natural strength of the user's hand, the flame's ignition is engaged by pushing up with the thumb, and pushing the flame system away from the hand, giving the flame complete exposure and therefore making cigar lighting that much easier and unobstructed.

Additionally, the back of the lighter features a lock-in-place slide out 7mm cigar punch cutter for easy cigar prep before lighting. The large capacity fuel tank features our unique blue window making fuel readings quick and easy.

The perfect gift for the aficionado in your life or purchase one for yourself, you know you deserve it...


  • Double jet flame
  • Wind resistant
  • Single action ignition
  • Easy-to-read blue fuel level window
  • Retractable slilde-out 7mm cigar punchRefillable butane
  • Two year warranty - purchase from an authorized dealer
  • Authorized Colibri dealer
  • Gift box

Colibri lighters are covered by a limited two year warranty for two years from the date of the original retail purchase.  Warranty is valid for products returned, by the consumer, directly to the Colibri service center.  This warranty offers you specific benefits and also carries limitations; please visit the manufacturer's web site for terms and conditions.

Note: We test each lighter prior to shipping.  In order to comply with stringent shipping regulations we must drain the lighter of fuel prior to shipping it to you.  Once you receive your lighter just fill it with a quality fuel, as offered in our store, to get your lighter up and running.

Need fuel for your new lighter?  Purchase Butane Fuel and Lighter Flints Here.

View our Lighter Accessories here, an excellent way to store and travel with your new lighter.

Slide Double Flame Cigar Lighter

Flame type: Torch      
Operation: Single action      
MSRP: $59.00      
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