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Daniel Marshall Fine Cigars, Accessories and Humidors

Cigar aficionados are a unique group of people who tend to have very discerning tastes.  Finding the perfect cigar and accessories isn’t as simple as walking into the nearest smoke shop and buying whatever the shopkeeper recommends.  Instead, it is important to look into tobaccos used, papers used, the way the company, shippers, and store have kept the cigars, and more.  The perfect environment is critical to ensuring the quality of a fine cigar, and buying the best brands makes a significant difference in the experience.  For those with a real taste for luxury in a good cigar, few brands can come close to Daniel Marshall cigars and accessories.

Daniel Marshall Cigars and HumidorsDaniel Marshall is renowned for making fine cigars that are aged in carefully monitored cedar boxes.  The company uses only tobacco from the finest growers, and Daniel himself personally tastes many of the company’s cigars long before they are introduced to the public.  The finest tobaccos from multiple growers are used in every cigar and the varieties are arranged in such a way to maintain the perfect harmony and balance.  Each cigar is also aged in a very carefully monitored cedar box in order to ensure proper quality and aging.  This helps ensure not only excellent flavor and taste, but consistency.  Aging in this manner also helps keep the cigars in the perfect environment in order to prevent both drying out and becoming too moist, providing a considerably more enjoyable smoking experience.

Of course, Daniel Marshall is famous as much for his humidors as his cigars.  Every humidor made by the company requires a four month process and involves only the rarest exotic woods.  Daniel Marshall humidors are famous for their beautiful patterns and elegant polish, and untreated cedar is used for the interior in order to enhance the flavor of fine cigars as they age.  Cedar offers a unique texture that is highly sought after by cigar aficionados, and the oils of the untreated wood in these humidors lend themselves perfectly to a silky texture enhancement on the cigar wrappers.  Each humidor is designed and guaranteed to maintain approximately 70% humidity at all times, which helps to ensure the highest possible quality of cigars.  All that the humidors need is the addition of distilled water every four to six weeks.  Because they are designed with the highest quality standards, those who love Daniel Marshall accessories can attest that they do not break down or require replacement over time.

At the end of the day, cigar lovers have many choices when it comes to quality cigars and accessories, but few that compare to Daniel Marshall.  When you want the very best in quality, taste, and careful craftsmanship, Daniel Marshall makes only the finest cigars as well as the perfect humidors and other accessories to store and age them.  Luxury items are a necessity for a happy life and for those who enjoy few things as much as a quality smoke, Daniel Marshall is certainly a name to keep in mind.

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