FDA Wants To Stop You Buying Cigars Online

Premium Cigars Did you know that the Federal government is in a position to severely restrict the sale of Premium Cigars in the United States? Sadly, it is true. The Food and Drug Administration is presently considering how to use the Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, passed in 2009, to regulate premium cigars along with all other types of tobacco. This will have a disastrous impact on cigar lovers and the many small businesses that sell premium cigars across America.

Premium Cigars Must Be Protected

Fortunately, there are plans in Congress to prevent this. But as it stands the FDA is positioned to use existing legislation to expand its authority to include premium cigars. Possible effects of this could be the end of walk in humidors, online cigar sales, extensive and expensive testing of any new blends and the elimination of all advertising. The limits on advertising could be so restrictive as to effectively censor the words tobacco and cigar. There could also be taxes and fees under the present legislation, which will push prices up dramatically.

The proposed legislation, the Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act is before both the Senate and House in Washington D.C. It sets out a specific definition of premium cigars, as "tobacco that is wrapped in leaf tobacco, contains no filter, and weighs at least 6 pounds per 1,000 count”. This legislation will protect premium cigars from regulation under the 2009 act.

Good Intentions May Be Bad For Premium Cigars

The FDA has the best of intentions to protect people, particularly children from tobacco and its effects. The latter would be the justification for banning online sales of premium cigars. But given that there’s no evidence that kids are buying premium cigars any more than they are buying cigar humidors online or expensive cabernet by mail order. Premium cigars are too expensive and are marketed to adults who enjoy the finer things of life. The risk to cigar smokers is considerably lower than cigarettes because most don’t smoke more than one a day and tend to not inhale.

Is It The End Of Cigar Box Art?

Regulation could make fine cigars dramatically more expensive beyond their value. It could also mean that the artwork on packaging is covered with ugly statutory warnings. Cigar shops could be banned from having walk in humidors or hosting promotional events. This would all have a very negative effect on jobs and businesses, not to mention the experience for the cigar smoker.

Let Congress Know What You Think

It would be tragic if premium cigars could no longer be purchased in America because of heavy-handed regulation. That is why there is a bipartisan effort underway to put premium cigars off limits to the FDA regulations. Cigar aficionados and those who enjoy the occasional fine cigar need to make their voices heard.

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