From Seed to Humidor to Connoisseur

Premium CigarPremium cigars are a symbol of success, a fine product that is the center of a modern American subculture of aficionados and those who enjoy an occasional fine cigar. Have you ever wondered how tobacco goes from leaf to luxury item when you buy cigars online? Premium cigars are handmade from carefully selected varieties of pure tobacco with no additives or processing other than the traditional curing process.

What Goes Into A Premium Cigar?

The structure of a fine cigar is likely going to incorporate different varieties of tobacco leaf as wrapper and filler. The binder may be a third variety or just leaves that aren’t up to the standard to be used for wrappers or as filler, used to hold it all together. The Corojo and Criollo varieties are both native to Cuba and the latter variety was found in Cuba during the time of Columbus. Cavendish is also considered a variety used in cigars but it’s actually a method of cutting and curing to give sweetness and flavor. It is made of Virginia, Kentucky or Burley tobacco varieties or a combination of any of the three.

The tobacco plant is first sprouted from a seed in cold frames or greenhouses to give protection from insects and birds. When they are about eight inches tall they are transferred to open fields to allow them to grow to maturity. Tobacco is an annual crop harvested by machine or by hand after a season in the field. It is then aged in stages by the use of shade and heat to reduce the sugars, to produce the dried, fermented leaves that go into the final product.

The Importance of Proper Fermentation

The first stage of fermentation is curing, where each tobacco leaf is aged for between 25 and 45 days to give the desired flavor and color to the leaves. The way that they’re cured depends on the climate and storage method to get the best out of all of those factors. The leaves go from curing into the actual fermentation stage, where temperature and humidity control gives further fermentation without causing the leaves to rot or crumble.

After fermentation the leaves are ready to move into the production process. They are moistened and inspected and graded to determine which are best for filler, wrapper or binder. They are held as bales to be re-inspected and await selection at just the right time to produce the finest quality cigars.

Premium cigars are still handmade by skilled cigar rollers who will each make hundreds of cigars in one day in very uniform sizes. They keep the leaves moist throughout the process, while they cut and shape them with crescent shaped knives called “chavetas”. The finished cigars then go into wooden forms and the open ends are cut to length.

Handmade, All Natural, Premium Quality Status Symbols

As long as the environment is carefully controlled, such as in top cigar humidors, at a constant temperature of 70-75 degrees F and 70% humidity, cigars can be kept in storage for decades and will improve with time like fine wine. Premium cigars have low health risk; they are a pure product with no additives, to be enjoyed in moderation. To a growing number of enthusiast and occasional cigar smokers they are a symbol of affluence precisely because they are such durable and high quality handmade products.

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