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Best Cigar Humidors

A humidor is used for keeping and storing cigars so that they always stay at the optimum humidity level and never dry out. There are a number of benefits to using a humidor if you enjoy smoking cigars on a regular basis. The best cigar humidors will protect your cigars from temperature changes, light, humidity, and the elements by storing them at an optimal temperature and humidity level at all times. One of the worst things that can happen to a fine cigar is for it to dry out when it is exposed to the elements. This can happen if your cigars are stored in plastic or simply left out in the open air.

Store and Protect Your Cigars

One of the main benefits of using a humidor is that it stores and protects your cigars. It does this by regulating the temperature and relative humidity of the inside of the box where the cigars are stored. A humidor is generally constructed of a cedar lined box that contains a humidifier unit and a hygrometer that measure the relative humidity inside the box. Proper storage of your cigars inside a humidor can keep them well-protected against light and other elements, however, it’s best to keep the box itself out of direct sunlight as ultraviolet light can affect the cigar wrapper. As the temperature changes, the relative humidity inside your box will change so the box should be kept away from heaters and air conditioners as well.


Like a fine wine, cigars get better as they age. Aging your cigars inside a humidor can improve the flavor dramatically. Even an expensive cigar needs to be aged for a few months before smoking to improve its flavor. The flavor of tobacco is known to mellow and improve with time, and even an inexpensive cigar can be improved using a humidor. Those cigars will probably benefit from a longer aging time, up to a year or even longer before they are palatable. Unfortunately, even though an inexpensive cigar can be improved with a humidor, it probably won’t be transformed into a really great cigar regardless of how long it’s aged.

Keep Your Cigars Fresh Indefinitely

Finally, a well maintained humidor can keep a cigar fresh almost indefinitely. Cigars left out and exposed to the elements or stored in plastic bags will likely only keep for a week or so because of the deteriorating effects of the light and air. When stored in a good humidor that is properly maintained and cared for, your cigars will not only stay protected from the effects of the elements, but they will actually improve their flavor. If you are investing in the finest of cigars it’s essential to have a humidor for proper storage so that the quality of the cigars can last until you’re ready to smoke them. You can find great cigar humidors online to suit any need.

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