Kiribi Kabuto Short Soft Flame Pipe Cigar Lighter Black Nickel

  • $79.95

  • Kiribi Kabuto Short Soft Flame Pipe Cigar Lighter Black Nickel

Kiribi Kabuto Short Soft Traditional Flame Pipe and Cigar Lighter

A [1] brand new Kiribi Kabuto Short soft traditional flame pipe and cigar ligher in an attractive gift box.

Along with the katana, the kabuto (winged battle helm) boasts an integral association with the pre-Meiji Restoration samurai class. Even as early as 15th century, the kabuto had also become synonymous with honor, purpose, and persistence. To even hear the phrase "Take off the kabuto" inflamed the heart of any honorable warrior, for it equated to "surrender". Evocative of the lighters hailing from the roaring 20s, but featuring a discrete size that won't interfere with jacket or pant lines, and meticulously hand assembled in Japan to last more than a lifetime; you might consider loaning your new Kiribi Kabuto Short to a friend for a few moments, but surrendering it would be out of the question.

While the inspiration for the Kiribi shapes hail directly from the zenith of Art Deco, the Kabuto also incorporates an homage to the samurai class within the gesture of the wing-like cap toggle; a direct reference to the fukigaeshi (crescent like wings on the side of the kabuto). Though distinctly retro-chic on the outside, your new Kabuto Short sports a state-of-the-art modernist design, technology, and cutting-edge innovations within. Features, such as a new dual flame design that offers a wider and more gentle light for your pipe, a hinge spring made of a special polymer that is far more resilient to fatigue than steel, and, though discreet in size, offers a single tank construction of amazing fuel capacity. Your lighter, like your choice of cufflinks or writing pen, communicates much about your discerning tastes to others. Let your new Karibi Kabuto Short do some of the talking, others will get the message.


  • Soft traditional flame
  • Retro stylish design
  • Japanese firing system
  • Ships in an attractive gift box
  • Two [2] warranty


Each Kiribi lighter has been tested and is guaranteed against defect in manufacture for two years after purchase.  Damage caused by normal wear and tear or improper use, care of mishandling is not covered by the guarantee.  Guarantee is valid for items returned, by the consumer, to the Kiribi repair center.  The outer finish is not covered by this guarantee.

Note: We test each lighter prior to shipping.  In order to comply with stringent shipping regulations we must drain the lighter of fuel prior to shipping it to you.  Once you receive your lighter just fill it with a quality fuel, as offered in our store, to get your lighter up and running.

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Kiribi Kabuto Short Soft Traditional Flame Pipe and Cigar Lighter

Flame type: Traditional
Ignition Flint
Operation: Dual action      
Fuel window No
MSRP: $89.95      
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