Kiribi Mikazuki Soft Flame Pipe Cigar Lighter Black Matte

  • $89.95

  • Kiribi Mikazuki Soft Flame Pipe Cigar Lighter Black Matte

Kiribi Mikazuki Soft Traditional Flame Pipe and Cigar Lighter

A [1] brand new Kiribi Mikazuki soft traditional flame pipe and cigar ligher in an attractive gift box.

Celebrated in Haiku by the likes of Yosa Buson and Basho, Mikazuki is Japanese for "waxing crescent moon", and that ephemeral beauty is elegantly captured within chrome finish contours of the base and ignition platform. The dapper exterior design hails from the apex of the Art Deco movement, the roaring 20s, as does the signature Mikazuki arches. Under all of this retro style, you will find manifold modern innovations: a single tank construction which boasts an enormous fuel capacity, as well as a cutting-edge, dual flame design which boasts the binary benefits of covering a wider surface, while being gentler to your pipe.

Any treasure, if destined to become part of our daily lives, must be as reliable as it will later become familiar. All Kiribi lighters are 100% hand assembled in Japan, and feature nickel, steel, and brass serving in all the essential parts, save a special polymer spring (200% more resistant to fatigue than steel) reserved for the opening/closing mechanism.


  • Soft traditional flame
  • Retro stylish design
  • Japanese firing system
  • Ships in an attractive gift box
  • Two [2] warranty


Each Kiribi lighter has been tested and is guaranteed against defect in manufacture for two years after purchase.  Damage caused by normal wear and tear or improper use, care of mishandling is not covered by the guarantee.  Guarantee is valid for items returned, by the consumer, to the Kiribi repair center.  The outer finish is not covered by this guarantee.

Note: We test each lighter prior to shipping.  In order to comply with stringent shipping regulations we must drain the lighter of fuel prior to shipping it to you.  Once you receive your lighter just fill it with a quality fuel, as offered in our store, to get your lighter up and running.

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Kiribi Mikazuki Soft Traditional Flame Pipe and Cigar Lighter

Flame type: Traditional
Ignition Flint
Operation: Dual action      
Fuel window No
MSRP: $99.95      
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