Kiribi Ohgi Traditional Flame Pipe Cigar Lighter Silver Satin

  • $119.95

  • Kiribi Ohgi Traditional Flame Pipe Cigar Lighter Silver Satin

Kiribi Ohgi Soft Traditional Flame Pipe and Cigar Lighter

A [1] brand new Kiribi Ohgi soft traditional flame pipe and cigar ligher in an attractive gift box.

Ohgi, along with sensu, are terms for a folding fan, but the namesake of this arrestingly retro lighter is considered more historical and formal. Far more than a simple means of moving air, an ohgi in the hand is a metaphorical spotlight upon the person who holds it.

The roaring 20s... traditional Japanese clothing became chic evening wear for the 'swells' of London and New York, the "Sheiks & Shebas" of Tokyo began sporting flapper dresses and fedoras, and the inspiration for this timeless exterior was born. Deco in design, with the discrete inclusion of a pipe tool and tamper, the ritzy Ohgi presentation abounds with cutting-edge advancements where they count... on the inside. Innovations such as dual flame design, which boasts the binary benefits of covering a wider surface, while being gentler to your pipe, a single tank construction of grand capacity, and a hinge spring made of a special polymer that is far more resistant to fatigue than steel.

The items one chooses to become an everyday part their life, be it a fine fountain pen, a treasured set of cufflinks, or the lighter they are about to hold to beautiful stranger's cigarette, can speak volumes about the owner's discerning tastes, as well as an appreciation of the finer things in life. With an impeccable construction resulting from a 100% hand assembly in Japan, as well as nickel, steel, and brass serving all essential parts, your new Kiribi Ohgi could serve as a very eloquent spokesman for a lifetime.


  • Soft traditional flame
  • Retro stylish design
  • Japanese firing system
  • Ships in an attractive gift box
  • Two [2] warranty


Each Kiribi lighter has been tested and is guaranteed against defect in manufacture for two years after purchase.  Damage caused by normal wear and tear or improper use, care of mishandling is not covered by the guarantee.  Guarantee is valid for items returned, by the consumer, to the Kiribi repair center.  The outer finish is not covered by this guarantee.

Note: We test each lighter prior to shipping.  In order to comply with stringent shipping regulations we must drain the lighter of fuel prior to shipping it to you.  Once you receive your lighter just fill it with a quality fuel, as offered in our store, to get your lighter up and running.

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Kiribi Ohgi Soft Traditional Flame Pipe and Cigar Lighter

Flame type: Traditional
Ignition Flint
Operation: Dual action      
Fuel window No
MSRP: $139.95      
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