Methods of Cutting Your Cigars

Cigar Cutter, Punches and Scissors

A cigar needs to be cut correctly for the best smoking experience. Every cigar has a cap or a head that needs to be cut before it can be smoked. There are several styles of cutters that can be used to accomplish this, and the style you choose should be based on personal preference and ease of use. Some prefer the precision and ease of use of a guillotine cutter, while others prefer the control they gain by using a cigar punch or scissors. Whichever method you choose for cutting your cigars, you should make sure the blade is sharp and durable so that the cigar isn’t crushed on cutting. The point of a cutter is to create a smooth cut opening for the most even draw, and a good cut will enhance your cigar smoking experience immeasurably. You can find great accessories like cutters and cigar lighters online from various retailers.

Cigar CutterCigar Cutters

These generally are designed as a guillotine type unit that will exactly cut the head of the cigar off for you. Many have self-sharpening blades and chambers for holding the cut tobacco. There is generally an opening in the center or to one side of the cigar cutter for the cigar itself, and the blades are controlled by pushing inward from the sides. The idea of these cutters is that the position of the blades is pre-determined for an even cut every time. Some are double-bladed while others offer a single curved or V-shaped blade. You can find cigar cutters online that do a remarkable job of cutting the cap of the cigar at precisely the right place for the best smoking experience.

Cigar Punches

A cigar punch is a cutting device that is designed to enclose the head of the cigar while the blades safely remove the cap. These tend to be available with keychain attachments so they can go anywhere you go. This is a safe method of cutting a cigar and a very handy little pocket-sized device. It’s used by inserting the cigar into the punch and twisting the cap to make the cut. Many have self-cleaning mechanisms to keep tobacco from building up on the blades and interfering with future use. They are also very handy for keeping the cut tobacco in one place so that it can be easily disposed of without getting it everywhere.

Cigar Scissors

For those who prefer the utmost in personal control, a pair of cigar scissors is a great option. They are designed with sharp, curved blades perfect for cutting the caps off of your cigars. Scissors allow for more control of where and how the cut is made, and are a great tool for those with more experience. The handles of most cigar scissors are generally designed for maximum control and comfort. Another benefit to using scissors for cutting your cigars is that they can cut any size cigar, whereas the other kinds are generally limited by the diameter of the opening in the product itself.

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