The Stress-Relieving Benefits of Cigar Smoking Outweigh Potential Health Risks

There is no question that there are risks that are associated with frequent tobacco use. With all the evidence that exist linking tobacco to several types of cancers; it would be ignorant to ignore the statistics. However, those who prefer to indulge in the pleasure of sweet, premium cigars will tell you that the stress relief benefits smokers gain from occasionally indulging in a cigar far outweigh potential health risks.

The daily grind of life offers a multitude of opportunities for one to experience stress due to the lack of energy and concentration needed to tackle the numerous demands of work and family. Did you know that the tobacco in a cigar not only helps reduce tension, but can also increase awareness and concentration? How is it possible that tobacco can act as both a relaxant and a stimulant? Tobacco is a rare substance that can produce polar opposite affects when it is first introduced to the central nervous system. Chemicals that produce this effect are called Biphasic, meaning two phases. The “kick,” or the high energy phase, occurs when the tobacco from the cigar is introduced into the system. Once a person’s body begins to absorb the tobacco, a relaxed calming phase takes over the body.

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Cigar smokers will eagerly attest to the medicinal properties of a rolled cigar to lower their blood pressure better than a daily dose of pills. There are many causes of high blood pressure and it is a condition that should be closely monitored by one’s physician; however cigar connoisseurs insist that the calming, relaxing benefits that smoking offers is effective in relieving the daily stress and tension that are often aggravate a person’s tendency to have high blood pressure. Cigar smoking can also serve as a sort of daily meditation. While the physical act of smoking can reduce a person’s stress and anxiety, visualizing and letting the mind go while smoking increases the stress-relieving benefits. Cigar smokers assert this combination of smoking and visualizing is a powerful stress reliever that can lower blood pressure. There are numerous cigar accessories online that can even enhance this meditative, ritualistic affect.

Aside from lowering blood pressure, there is evidence to suggest that tobacco usage may prevent Parkinson’s disease. The relationship between Parkinson’s disease and tobacco usage is sketchy, but research does offer one explanation to why smokers may have a decreased risk of developing this neurodegenerative disease. Our brains produce a chemical called dopamine; when dopamine levels decrease, the possibility of neurodegenerative diseases increase. Smoking, whether in the form of cigar smoking or cigarette smoking, are thought to boost levels of dopamine.

It would be irresponsible to minimize the health consequences of smoking, however for occasional cigar smokers the stress-relieving benefits that are achieved from smoking a premium, high-quality cigar may be something to consider. In fact, the health risks linked to infrequent cigarette smoking are not known, according to  For smokers who partake in one or two cigars during the week to combat stress and relax, alone or with friends, the risks do not appear high. However, when smokers purchase cigars online or at a cigar shop, one should always make sure they purchase high quality, premium cigars to ensure they are getting a product that is not filled with additives or other false products that could contain harmful traces of other chemicals.

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