The Conscientious Cigar Smoker

cigars on saleIs there “cigar etiquette”?

What is considered reasonable behavior in the presence of non-smokers?  No one wants to deal with unwanted smoke and someone enjoying a premium cigar certainly doesn’t want to face hostility from those around them.  So, what is the best way for a cigar lover to get along and smoke their favorite brand of cigar in peace?  A good question!

We all know, there is no avoiding all of the talk about second hand smoke these days. So those that smoke are forced to use some discretion in deciding where to light their cigars. Stepping outside and finding a nice spot that is down-wind is considerate.  You can also actively seek out places where cigar smoke is accepted and plan to spend your time there, with other cigar lovers.  These places allow aficionados and occasional smokers alike, to sit down in an environment that is supportive, to enjoy a premium cigar and to be sociable. Their popularity as hangouts is a sign of the effort that cigar lovers put into seeking like-minded people and into being conscientious towards those who would object.

If sharing space with non-smokers is your only choice, some feel it is their right to light up while others feel it is polite to first inquire if the other parties mind. 

Good ventilation is another thing for a smoker to keep in mind.  There are some areas where a fan will suck the smoke out, or a window gently moves the air out.

There are also various accessories that help with the problem. One investment worth considering is a good ionic air purifier. Another option is to use odor-eliminating candles. They have a rich aroma and actually destroy the smell of tobacco smoke.

As you become more of an aficionado, you will learn where and when to light up based on your own personal experiences. Experienced smokers develop a sense for the boundaries. The entire ethos of cigar smoking is to enjoy the finer things of life and share them with friends. Cigar lovers don’t want to generate hostility or awkward situations. That is why they go to extremes to be discrete and conscientious as part of their lifestyle.

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