Briar Pipes, Excellent Choices for your new Tobacco Pipe

Handmade and Limited Edition Briar Pipes for your Tobacco Smoking Enjoyment

Briar pipes by the best manufactures of tobacco pipes are available at Vintage Chic’ Cigar.  Our smoking pipes are for the entry level pipe smoker all the way up to the aficionado looking for the limited edition tobacco pipe series not found on many other shopping sites.  Quality Briar pipes have been made from this root material for over  150 years and some of the best smoking pipes are hand carved from this unique wood from both Italy and Greece.  Briar Pipes made from Italian Briar have been known to be some of the best in the world.

Briar Pipes often simply referred to as pipe have been specifically created for the smoking of tobacco.  Many Briar Pipes are handmade but the less expensive versions may be entirely or partially machine-made.  The machine-made varieties are usually reserved for production series, each without variations, and often lend the tobacco pipe to a lower price point.  Handmade versions range from roughly eighty dollars and can run into the thousands depending upon the age, artesian, style and manufacturer.

Vintage Chic’ Cigar offers Briar pipes in all versions, and price points, from the best manufacturers the world has to offer.  If you are looking for a smoking pipe, you are sure to find one on our site.

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