IM Corona Pipe Master Chrome Engine Turned Lines Pipe Lighter

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  • IM Corona Pipe Master Chrome Engine Turned Lines Pipe Lighter

IM Corona Pipe Master Pipe Lighter

Since 1933 the IM Corona company has been producing some of the world's best lighters. While other companies buy from a host of manufacturers and have their name put on the product, you can rest assured that every IM Corona lighter is made by them. They proudly put their name on every lighter and we proudly offer this highly reliable pipe lighter to you, the Pipe Master

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Pipe Master - The Ultimate Pipe Lighter.

Without question, the most popular and best selling pipe lighter series we offer for both pipe smokers has been made even better with improved carbon filtering systems, all solid Brass parts, 5X stronger finishes, internal rubber seals now silicon and recessed fill valve covers that won't get lost. Just a few of the redesign improvements that make a Pipe Master the buy of a lifetime.

The IM Corona Pipe Master lighter is a pipe smokers dream come true!  This series sports Solid Brass casings, a large fuel capacity, a 90 degree flame, perfect for guiding the flame into the bowl, plus a built-in tamper and pick.

Each Pipe Master has a built-in tool that can be used as a tamper or as a pick to clean out tobacco from the bowl.  To use tool as a tamper, pull 1/2 way out of body until shaft clicks. Rotate shaft 1/2 turn to lock in place. To use a a pick, simply pull tool all the way out without rotating.

Made with Solid Brass casings, this series is machined to perfection and meticulously finished by expert IM Corona craftsmen.  Built solid and designed for years of dependable service.


You can rest assured that when you purchase an IM Corona lighter, you are getting almost 75 years of lighter manufacturing expertise in each lighter. Even with the onslaught of cheaply made, poor quality lighters that have invaded the planet; IM Corona continues to deliver top quality in over 40 countries worldwide. "2 Year WARRANTY" Warranty valid when returned by the consumer to the IM Corona lighter repair facility.

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IM Corona Pipe Master Pipe Lighter

Flame Type: Soft Traditional  
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