$100 Gift Voucher


$100 Gift Voucher
e-Gift Voucher acts like a secured credit account for this online store. You will only be able to spend this e-Gift Voucher in this online store. You can send a voucher amount to a friend as a gift or invite a friend to check out this great website. You also can use them for a quick payment option.



When you purchase an e-Gift Voucher, the e-Gift Voucher is sent to a queue. When the payment has been paid in full, your gift voucher will be applied to your account. The next time you login you will find that the e-Gift Voucher has been applied to your shopping cart. You can redeem this amount when checking out or send an amount to a friend. Note: If the friend has an account with this shopping cart, the e-Gift Voucher will be directly applied to their account. If the friend does not have an account with this shopping cart, then they will need to create an account in order to use the e-Gift Voucher.


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