Lotus Lighters

Lotus Lighters Engineered for Premier Styling and State of the Art Innovations

Lotus lighters are engineered and developed exclusively by our veteran product development team featuring premiere styling and state-of-the-art innovations that you would expect from your smoking accessories.  Lotus lighters sport extraordinary designs combined with an uncompromising attention to detail and superior quality components setting Lotus lighters apart from any other lighters in the marketplace.

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         Lotus 15 Reflex Lighters
         Lotus 16 Spartan Lighters
         Lotus 18 Curve Lighters
         Lotus 20 Citadel Lighters
         Lotus 23 Big Ben Lighters
         Lotus 25 Double Down Lighter
         Lotus 27 Gallant Lighters
         Lotus 29 Monarch Lighters
         Lotus 30 Gemini Lighters
         Lotus 36 Torque Lighters
         Lotus 4 Lighters
         Lotus 40 Marque Lighters
         Lotus 41 Stealth Lighters
         Lotus 43 Discretion Lighters
         Lotus 45 Double Play Lighters
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         Lotus Ave Maria Lighters
         Lotus Cuban Vista Lighters
         Lotus Cuban Vista Table Top
         Lotus Sabre LS Table Lighter
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