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The Cigar Chic’ wants to take the stress out of gift shopping for the cigar aficionado in your life. Not only can you purchase cigars online, but you can find virtually everything you need to make this cigar gift the best ever.

Our cigar shop online carries everything from fine, pre-embargo Cuban cigars to the finest cigar cutters and lighters to gift packs sure to delight all. Whether you are buying for a discerning cigar smoker who understands what makes a quality cigar or just want to introduce a friend or loved one to one of the finer things in life, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Vintage Chic’ Cigar’s cigar shop online.

If you’re new to cigars or unfamiliar with the terminology, there’s no need to let that intimidate you. Our cigar shop online is user friendly and is designed to help you choose the right cigars and cigar related products regardless of who you are buying for. Terms which may be unfamiliar to cigar novices are clearly defined and explained, so you can purchase cigars online with confidence. Our service is always friendly, and we’re happy to help or answer questions.

Take your time and look through our selection of cigar gift ideas. You can be sure the cigar aficionado in your life will be thrilled with any of our fine cigar variety packs, humidors, and other accessories.

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