Daniel Marshall Slim Travel Humidor with Humidifier, Divider from


Daniel Marshall Slim Travel Humidor with Humidifier, Divider from
Slim Travel Humidor with Humidifier, Cedar Divider and Felt Travel Bag

A brand new Daniel Marshall Slim Travel Humidor with felt bag, humidifier and divider in an attractive gift box.

Designed for those who demand the best while traveling, this American made Daniel Marshall Slim Travel Humidor is masterfully crafted with intricate attention and detail, requiring over 200 individual steps and 6 months to create. French-made 24kt gold plated hinges and security clasp assure generations of service.

Daniel Marshall humidors finishes provide protection, luster and depth that shows off the natural beauty of this humidor's precious woods.  This humidor also has the famous Daniel Marshall trademark black ebony edging and seals [interior].

Spanish cedar has been carefully selected for the interior and provides the ideal environment and humidity stabilization to maintain and age fine cigars. Daniel Marshall humidors come with a satisfaction guarantee and are fully warranted against manufacturing defects.

A perfect gift for the upcoming holidays or the aficionado in your life, or simply purchase one for yourself.

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  • Specially selected rare woods
  • Spanish Cedar interoir ]Unfinished]
  • 24kt gold plated Precision French hinges and clasp
  • Humidifier
  • Cedar divider
  • Holds 6 to 8 cigars depending on ring gauge
Approximate dimensions (Outside): 10"W x 9"D x 2"H

NOTE: Each Daniel Marshall humidor is hand crafted and assembled using woods selected for each humidor; please keep this in mind as variation is the wood and finish will be unique to each humidor.  The photo is a accurate representation of the product but variations should be expected as with all hand crafted individually created pieces of art...  No other graphics are available for this listing.

Essential Tools for Every Cigar Smoker.

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Slim Travel Humidor with Humidifier, Cedar Divider and Felt Travel Bag


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