XiKAR Cigar Products

XiKAR Humidors, XiKAR Cutter, XiKAR Lighter

XiKAR Humidors, XiKAR Cutter, XiKAR Lighter

For years, XiKAR has been the company to turn to for all things cigar. As their tagline states, they’re the best thing to happen to cigars since fire, and all of their products from XiKAR humidors to the famous XiKAR lighter are top-notch. All XiKAR products are backed by a lifetime warranty, so a XiKAR cutter or lighter may be the last one you ever need to buy.

XiKAR Humidors

XiKAR humidors take advantage of a two-way humidification system, meaning they both emit and absorb moisture to keep your humidor at an ideal 70% humidity. When it comes to keeping your cigars in the best shape, differing levels of humidity can have a detrimental effect and may dry out your cigars. Even tiny variations in humidity levels can ruin a good cigar, so XiKAR humidors are perfect for keeping your favorite cigars in top condition. Unlike other humidification systems which use a propylene glycol solution that’s half water, XiKAR humidors use sodium-based polyacrylamine crystals which can hold up to 450 times their weight in liquid, and the use of this chemical makes XiKAR humidors extremely efficient in controlling humidity. In addition, you can have more solution in a smaller humidor, which means more room to store your cigars.

XiKAR Cutters

Whether you’re looking for v-cut or a single or double guillotine-cut, a XiKAR cutter can provide you with the ultimate in cigar cutting needs. The XiKAR cutter is available as a cigar punch as well as an ultra-slim cut. In addition, you can purchase the multi-tool XiKAR cutter, which features cigar scissors, cigar box opener, cigar poker, bottle opener and screwdriver. Every XiKAR cutter boasts the sharpest blades you can buy anywhere and are available in a variety of colors and styles. Many XiKAR cutters can also be engraved to add a personal touch for your favorite cigar lover.

XiKAR Lighters

The XiKAR lighter is well-known among cigar circles, and for good reason. The XiKAR lighter comes in many shapes and colors, but what they all have in common is stylish functionality along with smart engineering. Any XiKAR lighter you purchase comes with a lifetime warranty and is refillable with XiKAR’s own high quality butane. Most XiKAR lighters can be engraved, making the perfect gift for the cigar aficionado in your family.

Vintage Chic’ Cigar is proud to offer the XiKAR cutter and XiKAR lighter in many styles for the discerning cigar customer. Check out our selection of XiKAR products today – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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