XiKAR Livin' The Dream Ceramic Ashtray Black

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  • XiKAR Livin\' The Dream Ceramic Ashtray Black

Livin' The Dream Ceramic 4 Slot Cigar Ashtray

"The Best Thing to Happen to Cigars Since Fire."

This ceramic 4-slotted cigar ashtray celebrates the iconic Xi cutter shape that was trademarked and protected from duplication in the cigar industry indefinitely. The ergonomic, teardrop shape provides ample room for a variety of cigar sizes and the bowl is plenty for celebration. Livin’ the dream™ is more than just an ashtray, it’s a lifestyle.

A perfect gift for the enthusiasts in your life, or simply purchase one for yourself, you know you deserve it. 


  • 1-piece Ceramic Ashtray
  • Four slotted cigar rests with bowl
  • Stylized iconic Xi shape
  • Large ash receptacle
  • Livin’ the dream lifestyle text on both sides of ashtray
  • Measures: 10.24" x 6.30" x 1.38"


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Livin' The Dream Ceramic 4 Slot Cigar Ashtray

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