XiKAR Mayan 3D Cigar Cutter

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  • XiKAR Mayan 3D Cigar Cutter

Xi3 302MY3D Mayan Double Guillotine 3D Cigar Cutters

A brand new XiKAR Mayan cigar cutter in a classy gift box and a certificate for your own genuine stingray sheath.  Protect your new cutter in style!  

A cigar cutter that is as physically imposing as the culture that inspired it.

XIKAR’s Iconic Perfection of Mayan Civilization is Rediscovered in 3D.

The XiKAR Mayan cigar cutter is enhanced by depth perception of sophisticated beauty of the ancient New World. XIKAR’s unique Mayan Collection commemorates the rich and stylistic Mayan culture combined with our heritage of innovation and craftsmanship. The new 3D cutter is designed to be both comfortable in the hand and functional in purpose.

Ships in a handsome keepsake box.

All Xi series cutters will cut up to a 54rg cigar and meeting the Rockwell specifications are the sharpest blades you can buy.  Depending on how much cap you cut, they can cut up to a 58rg cigar.

XiKAR's Xi3 Mayan 3D Cigar Cutter Shipped in a Handsome Keepsake Box

XIKAR’S new Mayan Collection is a series of wonderful products with a sense of style, high quality and timeless luxury for serious cigar enthusiasts.

A perfect gift for the upcoming holidays or the cigar enthusiasts in your life, or simply purchase one for yourself.

  • Polished stainless steel body
  • Spring-loaded double guillotine action
  • Ergonomic teardrop design
  • Delivered in handsome keepsake box
  • Lifetime warranty
XiKAR Warranty

XiKAR cutters are sold with a 100% total satisfaction guarantee, see manufacturers web site for further details.
www.xikar.com If you are not satisfied simply return it for a no questions asked solution.

XIKAR is proud to warrant all the Xi products under our total satisfaction guarantee. So if, after you've purchased this product, you feel for any reason that it fails to live up to our promises for fit, finish and function, simply send it back to XiKAR and they will immediately and cheerfully give you a 100% replacement or repair, no questions asked.

Should you ever (lifetime guarantee!) want your blades sharpened, simply return the cutter to us and we'll sharpen the blades and return it to you within 5 business days.


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